Our Fellowship Program

Our rigorous and ambitious Fellowship program provides a critical pathway for people of talent and heart to design and open schools that are fundamentally grounded in a powerful vision of educational impact and equity.

Our two-year program challenges our Fellows to combine their pedagogical convictions and their emerging understanding of community need, gleaned through authentic community engagement, into powerful and unique school models.  Our program offers comprehensive support and guidance to our Fellows as they develop and implement their educational visions at the highest levels, enabling our Fellows’ schools to play critical leadership roles as the vanguard of educational justice in the region.

Year One

The first year of the Fellowship is characterized by deep engagement with CSP’s partner communities and rigorous school design work. CSP employees for the entirety of their first year of the program, Fellows commit to excellence in several important areas: school visioning, community study and relationship building, school-based engagement with emerging local schools, charter application, charter board building and grant application. Taking seriously its commitment to communities and children to bring only the highest impact models to bear on the region, CSP will set rigorous milestones at every stage of the Fellow’s first year journey to maintain a unrelenting focus on excellence and equity.