Charter School Partners

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Charter School Partners
2800 University Ave S.E, Suite 202
Minneapolis, MN 55414



CSP Mission and Focus

Charter School Partners’ mission is to catalyze a critical mass of high performing charter schools in the Twin Cities region contributing to a system of public education that prepares every student to be successful in college and life.

Star Tribune: Hold charter schools fully accountable. If they can't educate kids, they should be closed. February 10, 2014. From last year's StarTrib Editorial Board endorsement of CSP provision on increased empowerment/accountability for authorizers. The bill is currently part of the House/Senate Ed Conference Committee. 

Fordham Institute: School closures and student achievement.  April 29, 2015

Wall Street Journal:  Shutting Bad Schools, Helping Students.  April 28, 2015. MN charter schools seek license to close the achievement gap.  April 23,2015.  Prodeo Academy Skye Hoekstra featured. 

MinnPost:  The education proposals you haven't heard about this session. March 20, 2015. Includes CSP supported charter initiatives.

Star Tribune: Thousands of Mpls children leaving district for charter, suburban schools. March 19, 2015. CSP Partner Schools Hiawatha Academies, Yinghua Academy, and Bright Water Elementary all featured/mentioned! 

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